RITZ FLOORING is a full service manufacturing and installation company that delivers uniquely resilient flooring solutions.

We serve businesses, commercial facilities and multi-unit residential communities across North America. We continuously carry the most revolutionary and innovative flooring products that the market has to offer, including an extensive selection of SPC and LVT flooring. 

Ritz Flooring has become widely recognized as the expert in all things flooring, specializing in high-traffic floor tile solutions from large commercial facilities such as hospitals and supermarkets, to multi-unit residential builds such as community developments, etc.

Built on a foundation of dedication, quality and delivery, Ritz Flooring has a diverse manufacturing process allowing for constant product advancements and innovations. The results are delivering diverse product offerings and cost-conscious solutions.

From a broad spectrum of colors and designs, to unique product development utilizing future processes and materials, Ritz Flooring consistently sets the bar in the industry with the highest level of commitment to product quality and customer success



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New Jersey

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